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What is Vuyap ?

Vuyap is the first fundraising sticker in Poland, supporting offline collections through mobile and contactless cashless payments.

Vuyap is also a platform equipped with an administration panel which allows you to create and manage collections via the Beneficiary Panel (Collection Creator).

How to create an account in order to organise a collection ?

In order to organise a collection, you need to create an account on our platform

You can create a new account using your existing Google or Facebook profiles or create a completely new account using any email address.

After creating an account, you need to confirm the incoming authorisation link, log in and connect to the selected payment provider.

After connecting to the selected operator, fill in the data of your collection - write a short description, add a photo and you are done!

Order stickers or download available QR code and start your collection.

How to start using Vuyap ?

Go to, register your account, select the account type appropriate for your collection, complete the required registration and collection details. Then connect to your payment provider and you're done. Now, you can download and share an individual QR code, a unique link and also run a collection. If you are interested in receiving NFC Tag stickers, order them directly from our online shop.


How is a collection made with Vuyap managed?

It is very simple. Once you start a collection, you don't have to do anything. If the donor activates the payment via NFC tag or QR code, he/she continues to do everything on his/her phone without your involvement. Most importantly, NFC tag stickers do not require any power, and neither do QR codes. Once they have been implemented, they no longer require any additional handling.


How much does it cost to use Vuyap ?

Using Vuyap does not generate any fixed monthly costs in the form of subscription or subscription fees.

All fees associated with the use of Vuyap are automatically collected from the amounts donated.

Creating an account is free and does not generate any upfront fees either.

Can I request a refund of the funds donated when the amount was transferred by mistake?

Yes, you can. In order to do that please, contact the creator of the collection directly.

We suggest contacting the fundraiser by phone and by email. The creator of the collection has the tools to manage the return procedure from the payment operator.

How to book collection receipts?

In order to book collections, the user receives two expense financial documents:

  1. An invoice from 4K ltd (Vuyap) for the fee resulting from the use of the platform. The applied VAT rate is 23%.
  2. An invoice from Stripe, the payment operator, for the value of the commission, which will also constitute a cost. The applied VAT rate is 0%.

Both documents need to be booked.

Balance of receipts / Revenue

The funds, i.e. the receipt of a non-cash donation, result in a gratuitous benefit for the catering establishment, which constitutes taxable income subject to income tax.


For a more detailed accounting interpretation, please contact us by sending an email to:

I have a Vuyap business account, do I have to pay VAT on the funds received ?

No, you don't. Funds raised with Vuyap are a donation and are exempt from VAT under Article 7 1 of the VAT Act of 11 March 2014.

How quickly will funds reach my bank account ?

Funds from your collection are credited to your individual payment provider account in real time. A withdrawal request can be made automatically or at specified intervals.

(once a day, weekly, monthly, etc.)


Do I need to have a special app to make a donation ?

Vuyap is also a unique, simple and secure 3-click payment process via Google Pay and Apple Pay. It does not require a payment terminal or a dedicated mobile app. Payment is triggered by a chip sticker or QR code.


Is it safe to scan a sticker ?

Absolutely! Scanning the sticker is safe as it calls up a dedicated payment page encrypted with secure https protocol.

All payments are additionally authorised by payment operators. Depending on the collection, it will be Tpay or Stripe.

Payments are PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified, which is the highest possible security certificate in the online payment market.

Vuyap does not hold payment card data, it is encrypted and secured by the payment provider.

Which payment institution handles the processing of payments and their transfer through Vuyap ?

You can choose from two payment operators depending on the type of collection. We have signed agreements with Tpay and Stripe Payments Limited.

Tpay is a provider of electronic transaction and online sales support solutions - from home payment automation to comprehensive, bespoke e-banking services.

Stripe is one of the largest online payment companies in the world. Founded in 2010 in the USA, the company operates in more than 25 countries ( in Poland since autumn 2019). Its clients include: Google, Facebook, Uber,, Amazon, and Spotify, among others. Stripe supports payments in 130 currencies and works with Apple Pay and Google Pay, among others.


Does Vuyap have access to my mobile wallet data ?

No. Vuyap does not analyse, store or process any of your payment card data. The processing of payments is the responsibility of the payment operators , which operate under the supervision of national and European financial supervisory authorities.

Will my donation go securely to the fundraiser's target account?

Yes, the process of authorising a fundraiser's profile and bank account takes place directly at the moment of integration with the payment provider.

The risk of irregularities is practically non-existent at this point.


Am I able to analyse the balance or the engagement of users in relation to each sticker?

Of course. After logging into your user panel under / Overview, you can check your current total sticker balance. Under / Stickers you can check the details of each Vuyap.


How can I check my sticker balance and what amounts have been generated by a particular sticker?

You can track and analyse all data by logging into your user panel at

After logging in in the section -Overview, you can check the current balance, number of interactions and other details.

In the section - Sticker : you can see the data for a specific sticker.

How long does it take to order a personalised sticker?

It takes up to 2 working days after placing the order + shipping time. The stickers are sent by Poczta Polska (Polish Post), registered mail. Poczta Polska declares that the delivery takes up to 2 working days from the date of posting. Thus, the total order delivery time is up to 4 working days.

How do I order a sticker with an NFC tag and generate a QR code?

The QR code can be downloaded for free after logging into the Vuyap portal.

You can order stickers directly after logging into the panel under Store -


What phone can I use to make a donation using Vuyap?

You can donate using any Internet-enabled smartphone. If you want to take full advantage of donating using NFC technology, your smartphone's operating system should support this technology.


For Android : version 4.4 or higher

For iOs : version 12 or higher

I do not use Google Pay and Apple Pay can I make a donation?

Yes, however it requires you to enter your payment card details at the time of donation. The process is completely secure as both Stripe and Tpay, adhere to the highest payment industry benchmarks.

All payments are certified according to the PCI standard, which is a global standard set by financial organisations to protect cardholder data.

In the case of Tpay, there are also other payment methods such as the BLIK code or quick online bank transfers.

What is NFC technology?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is nothing more than a short-range communication technology that allows the radio transmission of data over short distances (max. up to 20 cm). Using NFC technology does not require pairing of the devices that communicate with each other and is completely safe.

How do I make a donation using my phone?

To call up the payment page, place your smartphone against the sticker or scan the QR code with your phone's camera.

After doing so, you will automatically be taken to the payment page set up by the creator of the collection. Select one of the available amounts or enter your own, choose the form of payment, confirm the payment and you are done.

Do I need to have access to the internet at the time of the Vuyap scan?

Yes you should have access to the internet to complete the donation. If you are offline at the time of donation, you can complete the transaction by refreshing the called collection page when you are online again.

Do I need a dedicated app to make a donation?

You do not need to install any dedicated app to make a donation. All you need is a phone with Internet access and a configured mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay). If you have used phone payments before, this should not be a problem at all.


Why is my phone not responding to being placed close to the NFC tag?

You probably have an older phone which does not yet support the NFC technology or you have deactivated NFC on your phone. Don't worry - you can make a donation by scanning the QR code on the sticker with your phone's camera.


Nothing happens when I turn on the camera on my phone and point it at the sticker....

It is quite possible that your phone's system does not natively scan QR codes. Download the QR code scanning app from the online shop dedicated to your phone and start using Vuyap.


I have been paying with my phone for a long time but nothing happens when I bring it close to the sticker. Why?

It is very likely that you have been paying with your phone directly using a dedicated payment app, not the mobile wallet. If you would like to donate using stickers, you should set up a mobile wallet on your phone. If you have an Android phone, the configuration should be done in the Google Pay app. If your phone runs on iOS, the configuration should be done in the settings under - Wallet.


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