No monthly fees

As a Fundraiser, you don't have to pay any monthly subscriptions. All commissions are taken from the donations you receive.
Vuyap's commission and the commission of your chosen payment provider: Stripe or Tpay. are deducted from each donation.

Vuyap's commission

Non - Profit

2.5%per transaction*

For NGOs, associations, foundations, charities.

*includes tax


5%of the transaction*

For restaurants, businesses and other commercial uses.

*includes tax

+Payment provider's commission


1%per transaction*

For example :
donation of PLN 100 / PLN 96.50 goes to you.

*includes tax


1.4%+1PLNper transaction*

For example :
payment of PLN 100 / PLN 92.60 goes to you.

*includes tax

For more information on invoicing, see Terms and Conditions


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